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Robots and Soda Pop!
Robots and Soda Pop!

[[ dwight cosplay ]]


[[ dwight cosplay ]]




[Taps feet impatiently and points upstairs.]


( ( all I want is a pipboy phone case. That’s all I want.))

( ( do you ever find yourself just minding your own business when all of a sudden you are hit with the overwhelming power of the love you have for a dumb oc? Cuz that just happened to me.))

ໃ modern awoo

Sonny is scared to death of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mummies, aliens, all those spooky things.

OK! THE ARM NUB! That counts as a scar. It’s a missing arm. 

Once upon a time, Dwight had two arms and an odd dream. Well, she was really just thinking that it would be cool to have a robotic arm. That was all. 

Then, one day, some nice strangers came along and gave Dwight more caps than she would EVER know what to do with. So obviously something stupid had to happen. It just so happened around this time a smelly stranger came into view. His name was Frank. I don’t exactly remember how it all went down, but Dwight wanted to give Frank some of her enormous wealth. But Frank, being the kind of guy he is, didn’t want no charity. Especially not charity from some girl. He wanted to earn it.

Dwight remembered the robot arm thing and her brain hatched an idea. Why not request something so absurd and terrible that the stranger will just accept the free money? So that’s just what she did. She asked Frank to cut off her arm so she could replace it with a robotic one. Frank wasn’t so sure about it, but he agreed to do it. Dwight said it was ok, she wanted him to do it. Somewhere along the lines Dwight forgot about her “plan” and just got really excited about getting a robotic arm so she just kept going along with it until she realized it was too late too back out. The next thing she knew, her arm was off and an inseparable friendship was bonded.

After some other M!A antics she did end up paying Frank for his services and I guess she used the rest of her money to build the arm and get somebody smart to hook it up to her.

Then it got stolen.

Her new arm, she tricked an android into giving it to her for free. So it’s much nicer than the one she made originally. But she has of course fooled around with modifying it.

I think that’s about it. Did I leave anything important out?

A scar I haven’t mentioned even ONCE but is totally canon is a odd little scar on the back of Dwight’s neck where a certain mechanical mother may have hooked up some electronics there so she could easily hook up to Dwight and control her memories and thoughts. The device is no longer there, but a scar is. Dwight doesn’t know it’s there because she is an idiot and can’t see the back of her head anyway.

Next I will talk about these

since they all happened at the same time. Dwight got these when she was beat up by a certain red-headed douche and his sad jelly bean side-kick when they literally ripped her robotic arm off and stole A.R.T. as well.

Dwight’s original robotic arm covered the entire thing and  was attached pathetically by a bolt thing into her chest area. So she received quite the scar from that.

Then she got one of her lip peircings ripped out just from being beaten up. Same with the scar on her cheek. 

Lets start off with an easy one. Dwight’s missing tooth. She lost this bad boy when she got beat up and her tunnel snake jacket was taken away from her.